How to Attract Buyers in 2019

Feb 7, 2019 | All, Industry

While property trends tend to change, there are some basics that remain the same when it comes to attracting prospective buyers.

South Africa’s property market is a bit sluggish. According to Nardee Cotterell, COO at PropertyFox, “with the upcoming elections imminent there is definitely an air of anticipation that is likely a contributing factor to the sluggish market.”

“The hope is that the election will provide the hesitant buyers with reassurance and certainty. We do think now, more than ever, an accurate valuation of property has become critical and will remain a pivotal part of selling quickly in the tough economic climate of 2019,” says Cotterell.

Asking price will always be at the top of the list for buyers, but there are many other factors sellers should not neglect.

At PropertyFox, we have gathered a few tips for you to consider attracting buyers to your home this year.

Love at First Curb

It is all about first impressions. Some potential buyers might check out the property from outside before even considering making an appointment to view.

If it looks rundown from the outside, they’ll be dubious about what’s going on inside.

Buyers want to feel like they could live in a home from the moment they pull up in front of it. Basic improvements such as exterior painting, cutting the grass and planting some flowers are easy changes to help attract buyers to your property.

Asking price will always be at the top of the list for buyers

Make Your Home an Easy Show

Make sure that you are flexible with your viewing schedule. Have a key available for the viewing facilitator which will allow them access to the home at times when you’re not able to assist.

At PropertyFox, you can show your own home during a viewing. Just don’t be too restrictive on viewing times – the more time available for you to show the home, the higher your chances are of securing viewings and, ultimately, selling your property.

Make it Comfy

It’s about comfort – If you have an air-conditioning system, adjust it to a comfortable temperature and keep the rooms bright. Open curtains or blinds and turn on lights, especially when the weather is overcast.

Get Creative with Incentives

Think about what you can offer a buyer that other sellers won’t. Sellers could, for example, include certain pieces of furniture, appliances or artworks in the selling price, especially if they have been custom-made for the home.

Get with the Times

In spring or summer have a vase with freshly cut flowers in the entrance hall or dining room. In autumn and winter have a basket of pinecones by the fireplace. Be sure that once the New Year has passed, all Christmas decorations are packed away.

Note that consulting with a reputable real estate professional will still be the surest way of selling your property with the best ROI in mind.

Contact PropertyFox today, and we will take it from there.

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