Autumn in Colour

Mar 27, 2018 | All, Property Tips

With summer becoming a thing of the past and the winter chills creeping in, it is time to get your home autumn-ready.

What better way to avoid the blues of unpredictable weather conditions by adding a splash of some ‘fall’ tints and hues anywhere in, or outside of your home. We advise you to welcome season change with applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls to give your home a warmer appeal than it is outside.

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter in March or in September (if you happen to find yourselves in the Northern Hemisphere at the time), one of its main features is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees.

The colours of the season is synonymous with comfort, warmth and welcome. The inspiration for these hues and tints can be found right outside your doorstep, think falling and turning leaves for your palette inspiration. Other attributes from nature, such as the leaf accents and wood flooring continue in the fall theme if you choose to add one of these features to complete the new look of your walls.

If you are struggling to decide on a colour, we have compiled a selection of various colours for your perusal and to decide on for when you choose to apply that coat. One of these hues could actually go perfectly with the colour of the leaves falling from the trees outside.

You can add this pumpkin-inspired colour to your wall or an entire room depending on how adventurous you feel on the day of renovation. Despite the withering leaves and the horror of having to rake it up yourself, this orange splash will help bring warmth into your home and forget about what is happening on the outdoors.

Heritage Red
As the season is renowned for being an apple-picking season, this hue resembles the apples you would pick in fall. There are beautiful red paints that match the bushel of red apples and applying this to your wall will make sure that you experience the authenticity of nature. An alternative would be a red-brown that also adds a warm rosy glow to your space and lending much needed life to the room.

Dark Yellow
It is without question that yellow brightens up any room! A dark yellow provides your home with that much needed comfort on a gloomy day outside. The almost mustard colour would bring a great sense of depth to your home and it will also provide the right visual temperature for a luxuriously refined room.

Forest Green
Many would think that a green would not work in season where the leaves on trees are everything but… though, forest green could help bring the essence of autumn into your home. This intense green would overpower most other colours in your home evoking the beauty of a forest. So even though your branches will be leafless, you could still bring in the beauty of greenery into your home.

Dark Red
Think maroon combined with brown, this red will be sure to make your home fall-friendly in no time. This colour not only spares your eyes the harsh bright morning light, but it embodies the medieval period for those obsessed with renaissance decor. If you are looking for something even darker, a bold brown will do the trick. In a luminous white setting, dark brown has the impact of black, without the harshness.

Should painting out your house seem too big of a feat, perhaps adding splashes into the decorative items such as vases, flowers or scatter pillows will also do the trick.

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