Lifestyle   |   24 February 2020

5 Affordable Tips to Power Through As Load Shedding Continues

We’ve rounded up 5 affordable DIY tips that will get you through a no-electricity cycle as load shedding continues.

By now we’ve all got our favourite handy little app loaded to warn us about impending load shedding. Besides the obvious things like turning your home into the most energy-efficient warrior on the block by bolting on solar panels and turning all appliances to gas, these solutions may come at a great expense, we’ve found a few things that should help.

We’ve rounded up 5 affordable DIY tips that will get you through a no-electricity cycle as load shedding continues.


1. Battery Operated Lights – Stock up on torches, touch lights and lanterns. Have one in every major room of the house, so you don’t have to walk around with only one light. The touch lights and lanterns will make it feel as if nothing is down – and the kids can still do their homework.


2. Cook with Gas – Obtain a small gas cooking top and of course a bottle of gas to connect it to. Dinner (or any other meal) time prep can be anything in a pan, or pot 🙂


3. Gas Kettle – One needs a special kettle to go on a gas top, but if you don’t wish to fork out the extra expense, a pot to boil water on your gas top (2) will also help you get your tea & coffee fix. A gas kettle and of course the gas cooktop or gas stove also come in very handy if your family are the camping type.


4. Keep your WiFi up! The only thing more annoying than not having electricity in the evening when you get home from work, is not being able to Netflix. If you have fibre, did you know that you can connect your router to a UPS to keep it up and running? A bigger power bank will also work. But typically use power banks for a quick cell phone boost if you run low. Just make sure your laptop or tablet is fully charged and you can continue work or play unaffected.

5. Braai – our favourite past-time. Do you ever really need a reason?

Hopefully these tips help you through your next power-out. But, if you’ve had it with trying to MacGyver a solution each time, chat to us about finding and buying a fully energy efficient home in your neighbourhood instead. 😉


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