Property Tips   |   5 March 2019

The summer heat can lead to desperate times and desperate measures.

While we are on the verge of the end of summer, unpredictable weather conditions like heat should not get the better of you. Standing in front of an open fridge might seem like a good idea, but it’s not exactly cost effective.

Fans and air conditioners are the most common cooling solutions, both have their pros and cons.

At PropertyFox, we look at the two options and define what they could mean for your home.

Air Conditioner

Air-conditioners have been around in some form or another for nearly 100 years. This technology has advanced quite dramatically in the last decade making them more efficient to run and quieter during operation.

Here’s a look the pro’s and con’s involved with investing in an AC:


  • They are well known for their efficiency and supreme level of cooling.
  • Air conditioners also add to the ambiance of the locality of an area by filling it with temporal relaxation and serenity.
  • Every air conditioner delivers a certain level of performance that plays a great role in promoting its usage wide and far.
  • ACs always tend to cool faster in moist localities and ensures user comfort at a proactive standard
  • The windows of the air-conditioned rooms are closed, due to this less outside sound enters the rooms. Even the noise from the air conditioners is very low. Due to this, there is quietness inside the rooms.


  • Air Conditioners are well known to ramp up your electricity bills.
  • ACs also generate imbalances in the voltage allocation in the entire system distribution and can also cause faults and short-circuits.
  • A sudden change in temperature has shown to exacerbate the symptoms of various respiratory diseases. Fortunately, you can significantly reduce the risk of this problem by setting a higher temperature and decreasing it gradually.
  • Not cleaning the air conditioner can cause the build-up of dust, bacteria, and pollen in the air filters. This will significantly increase the risk of asthma attacks and respiratory tract infections.
  • Being exposed to the cool air conditioner air for too long can lead to a runny nose, sinus problems, sore throat, and other similar symptoms.
Fans and air conditioners are the most common cooling solutions, but both have their pros and cons.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a staple in most homes, most rooms these days are fitted with a ceiling fan or maybe even two. Ceiling fans often come with a reverse function for winter operation, which allows you to work the fan on reverse pushing all that warm air down, making them quite versatile, no matter the weather.

Here’s a look the pro’s and con’s involved with investing in a ceiling fan:


  • It has an excellent affordability factor and is much preferred for budget localities.
  • It’s easy assembly and utility makes it much desirable for compact localities.
  • Ceiling fans are a great choice for remote residences where the usage of other means of cooling may not be so prominent.
  • Its low power consumption is a great point that makes it conducive to power savings. Ceiling fans can also be made for regular usage appliance for low-cost food outlets and places of low temperatures throughout the year.
  • Ceiling fans come in different varieties of sizes and structures along with power ratings, which makes it very easy for different types of users with varying needs.


  • Ceiling fans can be entitled useful, but in extreme heat, they are rendered incompetent. Every ceiling fan has a motor rpm limit and thereby it can cool only up to a certain extent.
  • They are designed to resist smoke, but not particulates, that might encounter their blades and even their motor sometimes, resulting in technical glitches or even permanent failures.
  • Ceiling fans are also less durable and required more frequent maintenance compared to other cooling devices and appliances. Their cleaning is essential for proper functioning. Also, the motor has a separate maintenance procedure.

It makes sense, where possible, and if your budget allows having both ceiling fans and aircons installed, both options working together can be a great solution when operated effectively. It’s up to you to decide what cooling option is best for your home.

At PropertyFox, no matter how big or small the property, we can help you sell it with minimal fuss. Contact us today and we will take it from there.

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