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Property Tips   |   14 January 2021

It’s crucial that you find a property agent that you can trust to execute the sale of your property successfully.

Property Tips   |   22 May 2020

Show-houses were cancelled during the Covid-19 lockdown, and real estate agents have had to pivot their processes a little so as not to come to a complete halt, after all, properties are still on the market and need to be sold!

Property Tips   |   15 May 2020

Photos are one of the top 3 things that assist to sell your property. Find out how to capture it to attract the most interest.

Property Tips   |   7 February 2020

Efforts a homeowner can do to improve the value of their home, their street and effectively their neighbourhood.

Property Tips   |   21 January 2020

The ease of instant gratification in the digital age we currently find ourselves in, is not only reserved for that spontaneous purchase on your favourite shopping site, but also applies to the financial sector.

Property Tips   |   22 November 2019

The home office was once quite literally the office away from the office where mom or dad used to disappear for a few hours over weekends or after supper to catch up on work. But in recent years is making more of an enviable comeback in homes, and definitely a hot-list item on buyer’s lists.

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