News   |   30 January 2019

City of Cape Town Upcoming General Valuation

The City of Cape Town’s 2018 General Valuation will be published in February 2019.

The document is being prepared by the City’s Valuation Office for public inspection and objection.

The valuation roll assesses approximately 870 000 registered properties in Cape Town and is conducted to establish billing rates every financial year.

The General Valuation process involves the City of Cape Town allocating a value to your home that may be higher or lower than your home’s current value.

The General Valuation

Legally, a city should perform a General Valuation every four years, but the City of Cape Town has chosen to adopt a three-year period to minimise potential shocks to property owners.

According to the City of Cape Town, the fairness of the valuations roll is ensured through an auditing process carried out by an external, independent body.

The General Valuation process involves the City of Cape Town allocating a value to your home that may be higher or lower than your home’s current value.

Physical inspections of properties are only done if the information is doubtful or if changes have been made to the property.

Mayoral Committee member for finance, Johan van der Merwe, explains: “the main factor is the City’s budget.”

“As an example, if we require R6 billion of rates income to ensure that our City operates efficiently and sufficiently, the valuation roll serves as the basis on which we calculate the rate-in-the-rand or the applicable property tax rate,” said Van der Merwe.

Any Objections

Should homeowners wish to object to the valuation conducted by the City, they are encouraged to enlist the aid of a qualified and experienced real estate agent from a reputable agency to perform an independent evaluation on the property to provide a more realistic, industry-aligned figure to work with.

This data provides them with a market-related assessment of their property and serves as intellectual, educated data in support of their objections. Having this data also assists owners that are looking to sell in future. A property valuation done at regular intervals allows owners to review area trends and growth potential for property investments.


You may submit your objection to the City of Cape Town. To appeal a property valuation objection decision, you need to have objected to your property’s General Valuation during the objection period. The objection period for the current valuation commences on 19 July 2019 until 30 August 2019. You then have 30 days to appeal the objection decision from the date of the notice.

You may request the appeal form via email. Once the appeal form is sent to the city, a date will be mailed to you on which you will be allowed to make representation to the Valuation Appeal Board as to why you disagree with the city’s valuation of your property.

On the day, you may take a lawyer or valuer with you to help you make your case to the board. Property owners will have the opportunity to inspect the General Valuation 2018 roll from February 2019.

When conducting a property valuation, PropertyFox makes use of the best data and market indicators into consideration to get the most accurate valuation for your home. Contact us today and we’ll take it from there.

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