Lifestyle   |   10 December 2019

With summer holidays around the corner and loads of downtime for the kids (especially with all the latest loadshedding!) it’s a great time to spend some time as a family redecorating your kid’s room!

Depending on the age of your child, it would seem that the latest kids room trends are nothing like what we were used to as children. Kids rooms seem as sophisticated as what you’d expect in an adult’s room. From bold geometry, metallics, colour schemes, a range of lighting options and some funky decor ideas – putting a kids room together is great fun for all with an interior design flair. Of course if they’re younger, you can keep it simple, with the latest craze in fictional, and possibly animated characters, or clean lines and pastels.



Whimsy Is The Theme for 2020

Theming seems to be one of the hottest trends for 2020. From bugs paradise and Tarzan like mock tree-house beds to colour blocking fantasy worlds. As long as it is packed with plenty of whimsy and fairy dust, you’ve got a clear winner.


Play, Learn & Dream

Even though kids these days grow up with the latest tech, bedroom trends are moving towards spaces where they can play, learn and dream. Enough space in the room to play – meaning that things are packed away, or very little furnishings to create that extra play space. Learn – books and low-tech edu games are on trend. Dream – the decor, colour palette and possibly soft, coloured lighting provide the perfect setting for a good night’s sleep.


Animals, Jungle or Outdoor

Large, bold animal and jungle prints and wallpapered backdrops set the scene to inspire their minds into fantastical worlds!




Geometrics Are In

Certain geometrical shapes, modern art pieces and paint shades stimulate the child’s brain and assist them feeling happy and at ease most of the time. Geometric shapes as decor pieces, such as boxed shelving or wall art are popular, but geometric patterned bed linen might be easier. Plus you can have a couple of different styles and colours to make the bedroom seem new each time the linen is changed!



Boho Is Oh So Chic

The nicest thing about this style is that you can make it as ornate or relaxed as you want it to be, depending on the way you pull it all together. Tassels & scatter cushions – soft and layered materials make this style work for almost any room. Air plants are another great addition to this style – bringing further colour (and oxygen) to your kids room.



Play with Colour

Colours and gradients are ideal for younger children. It is good for their brain work. Moreover, the palette will help them distinguish the colours faster and sooner. Consider pillows of various colour shades. It will also make for fun and, of course, whimsy!



Pillows in All Shapes

Scatter cushions are super on-trend. Add them in simple colours, or bright colours and in varying designs, sizes and shapes to liven up the bedroom. Hearts, stars and animals are always popular choices.



Metallics are HOT

Just as metals such as copper, brass and rose gold are continuing to grow in popularity when it comes to decor for adults, these shiny materials are showing up in an increasing number of kids’ rooms.



Whenever children have a say in their room design, parents have less problems renovating the room. The reasonable solution would be to listen to them and incorporate their desires into a stylish design that works for you too.

A beautiful styled room, not only makes you and your child feel pride in your home, but also makes for a further great selling point should you be thinking of selling in future.

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