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Selling your house is both taxing and rewarding. But, the disruption that comes with moving, especially if you have children, can be daunting.

Young children are rarely a part of the decision to move and might not understand it.

Moving to a new city, town or country can be overwhelming for any child. Amid the chaos of packing, kids are forced to say goodbye to friends, teachers, and the familiar comfort of their community.

After the move, kids must settle down in a new school, where they might find themselves lagging behind. Many children worry about being “the new kid,” and some find it hard to make new friends.

Fortunately, at PropertyFox, we have some steps you can take to ease the transition. Your attitude about moving and your willingness to let your children share in the experience will influence their feelings.

Sit Down and Talk First

Before you prepare to relocate, talk to your child about what the move will be like, and what some of the challenges might be. It’s much easier to deal with something that’s expected than it is to be shocked and unprepared for a stressor.

Pack Up Peacefully

If you have a toddler or a tween it would be wise to pack up the house while they’re asleep (especially their toys!). Leave one box of toys out until the very end, though, so that they always have something to play with.

Work With the New School

If the move will involve your child also changing schools, make sure you are prepared. Work with the new school about the move. Talk to teachers and administrators before your child’s first day of school. If teachers know that your child is going through a stressful time, they can monitor her to make sure he/she is doing well. This is especially important if the move is a big one, like moving to a new city, province or even a new country.

Plan Together

To get your children excited about the new house, make room plans together. You don’t have to limit yourself to their rooms only. If they’re interested in helping arrange and decorate other rooms in the house, let them. For teenagers, set a budget and let them tackle their own rooms — picking out colours, linens, rugs and furniture. For younger kids, you can set a budget and work with them on executing their vision. Then, when it’s all done, you can invite some family or friends over for a “big reveal” like they do on TV shows.

Saying ‘Tata’ to Your Old House

On the morning of the move, after everything’s out, your child might want to go back into the house. Do not say no, as could help them to take a final pass. You can walk through each room waving “bye-bye.” This could get quite emotional, so keep the tissues close!

Young children are rarely a part of the decision to move and might not understand it.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when moving with children

Not telling the kids why you’re moving. You may think you’re protecting them from stress by hiding the real reason you’re moving, but kids are incredibly smart and will figure it out one way or another. Within reason, be transparent with your children and explain the reasons for selling your house and relocating in a language they will understand.

Waiting until the last minute to tell them is also a mistake many parents make. Don’t wait until you’ve sold the house or when you’ve started to pack up to tell your children about the movie. They need time to process the transition away from their current lifestyle and to get excited about their new home, so start to discuss the move with them in advance.

Trying to do it all yourself. Do you really want to be wrangling your kids while carrying boxes of dishes or electronics down the stairs? No matter how polite and helpful your children may be, you’ll be happier if you can focus your attention on making the transition smoother and more enjoyable for the family.

Pretending the kids can help pack everything, the kids will have more fun and you’ll be more effective if you ask the grandparents, siblings, or babysitter if they’ll take the reins for a bit.

Excluding them completely will not help either. You can have them help a tiny bit with packing up their own belongings. They’ll be comforted to know all their favourite toys are packed in a box that they labelled.

Travelling unprepared is another common mistake. You know by now that every road trip requires a bag of kid goodies, and this one is no different. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks, some of their favourite toys, and some comfort items if your child is of napping age.

Keeping these tips in mind, by preparing for the move in advance, keeping lines of communication open, and maintaining a positive attitude, parents can help their kids cope with the challenges of relocation.

At PropertyFox, we would like to make sure that your property journey goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us today and we’ll take from there.

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