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Ndlovu Retirement Centre - A Modern Retirement Community With Heart

It is very rare to come across an idea that makes you stop and take notice. Liselle Bouwer has managed to achieve just that with a new retirement property offering at the Ndlovu Retirement Centre in Mpumalanga.

Retirement with a Purpose

Ndlovu offers a holistic lifestyle-based approach including whole-food nutrition, medical assistance and a range of activities. Above all else, it offers a sense of community, a sense of belonging as well as purpose. The experience is personalised to each resident and the facility is unique, unlike anything on offer in South Africa at present.

Nutrition and community are pivotal to the offering of Ndlovu” says Liselle, “With freestanding homes, people became more isolated during the Covid pandemic and this impacted many people mentally to the point that they started looking for something different.”

The lIfestyle that Ndlovu offers is integrated, inclusive and very supportive.

“Herbicides and pesticides used in commercial farming are known to adversely affect our wellbeing. 

Environment, lifestyle and food choices weigh in heavily as factors that influence physical and cognitive health. According to a number of experts like Dr Dale Bredsen (author of Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s) up to 95% of Alzheimer’s is preventable. 

Sourcing pesticide-free whole food and creating meaningful connections to others, are two of the main pillars that support healthy cognition” says Liselle.

“Ndlovu’s agriculture initiative to growing produce on-site will be a key offering at the Centre to ensure organic, wholesome nutrition to residents. The resident community will have the opportunity to get involved in propagation and harvesting produce as part of the broader range of activities offered.”

Truly Personalised 

Mental health and fulfilment are ever-present aspects in everything Ndlovu does. All prospective residents are interviewed to understand their unique objectives and health needs. A customised experience is then created for them from nutrition all the way through to mental well-being and stimulation. 

Activities are completely dependent on the person, and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The experience is personalised and very unique, unlike anything on offer in South Africa at present.

Ndlovu also caters to couples, understanding that one might have different needs to the other and aims to support the individual at their own level. For example, if one is still very active there are hikes, sports activities and more to choose from and if the other person is not so active there are options such as cooking classes, a day spa or even music sessions for them to enjoy.  

The Dream of Ndlovu

The idea of Ndlovu happened organically over time. It started in 2016 when a change in the property by-law sparked the idea to innovate and repurpose existing commercial structures. Liselle being the founder of MpowerProp (advocate for sustainable property development) saw a huge opportunity in this change, and the seed leading to the repurposing of existing property was planted.

Liselle then got to know the UK caring industry from 2017 especially as it pertains to dementia and Alzheimer’s care. During this time she saw that the needs of retirement clients were not always being met by the facility. She travelled back and forth to South Africa all the while wanting to pair her acuity for property innovation and love for better healthcare. 

As a long-time Lowveld resident, the process of marrying a much-loved shopping centre and hotel complex; the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, along with years of involvement in the UK’s Caring sector and Liselle’s passion for food as a pathway to health began to merge into what would become Ndlovu’s residential offering.

The Ndlovu Experience

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Accommodation Options & Facilities

The original hotel building has been repurposed for the Ndlovu Centre. All accommodation options are therefore suites. The centre was originally created by Louis van de Merwe, owner of Hans van der Merwe and Sons (makers of exquisitely tasteful and finely crafted French and classical-style furniture). All these original furniture items remain as part of the Ndlovu as well as the exquisite original bathrooms.

Two size options are currently on offer. A Deluxe Gold Suite (55sqm) and a Deluxe Platinum Suite (61sqm). As it is a sectional title scheme, investors are able to customize their units. 

Should residents choose, small kitchens may be installed in their units, but Ndlovu encourages the use of the communal kitchen to be more social. 

The original hotel Clubhouse is currently the lounge area which will be converted to include more seating and a dedicated braai (barbeque) area for social events and family visits.

Activities, Events & Stimulation

Art, dancing and singing social events are offered as well as talks on various subjects for the residents to attend. The community is encouraged to get involved with any of these areas;  offering a talk of their own on familiar subject matter. 

There is also a beautiful classic car museum that would be any auto-enthusiast's dream to frequent.

Most retirees have skills and artisanal knowledge to impart and there are eager young people in the larger community who are looking to learn. There is a potential to form such a skill-sharing project down the line between Ndlovu and the community where residents may choose to participate if they wish.

Residents can also get involved and potentially offer classes or skill sharing with other residents, such as music lessons, crafts, art and more. 


Safety is very much top of mind for South Africans, and as such state-of-the-art security is deployed at Ndlovu. 

Thermal imaging cameras are installed across the perimeter and grounds. Ndlovu will be an access-controlled gated community with electrical fencing and security guards posted at the gate 24/7. Visitors to the estate must sign in to enter and their driver’s license, as well as number plates, will be scanned and recorded. 

An additional safety feature for residents is that they will all carry a GPS tracking device. 

The Casterbridge Shopping centre is adjacent to Ndlovu Centre and will be accessible to residents via a controlled pedestrian gate.


Ndlovu offers excellent healthcare support. All the bells and whistles one expects from a top healthcare facility will be present onsite. 

Lily Care is the key healthcare partner on-site with their team of fully qualified nursing staff additionally trained in the treatment of dementia. 

“Furthermore as nutrition is very, very important at Ndlovu, partnering with various field specialists including a Dr completing her PhD in cognitive decline in the Netherlands, (but originally from the area), as well as a forward-thinking dietician based in Cape Town that is focussed on anti-inflammatory diets are amongst the key advisory panel.

“Alzheimer’s, dementia and heart disease prevention starts in your 20s with the way you nourish your body” comments Liselle. This is why we encourage cross-pollination of knowledge with the community at large.

Friends & Family 

Visits from friends and family are encouraged and Ndlovu plans to eventually accommodate visiting family members within the development.

If rental units are available, friends and family will have the option to stay at Ndlovu. However, at the moment extra caution is taken with regards to Covid and how many rental units are made available. There are however a number of hotels and lodges in the area for families to choose from. There are plans to integrate a further phase in future.

The Retirement Community

Ndlovu values the principle of inclusivity and community. 

As human beings, we need stimulation and community to thrive. Having different age ranges in the community will assist with this. You can purchase into the development at any age, however, one of the partners living on-site must be at least 50years of age. 

It is a refreshing approach that is not catered to by mainstream retirement facilities. Ndlovu believes that the approach, of having a wide range of age groups within the community, will lend an interesting dynamic to the mix.

Invest and Reside Or Sublet till Later

It is not often one finds a retirement offering that allows you to sublet your investment. Most retirement facilities require the owner to live in their unit, yet Ndlovu offers this to investors. 

“This opens up more opportunities to our investors.” notes Liselle, “We want our residents to have lots of freedom and encourage friends and family to come and experience our little piece of heaven”.

Ndlovu offers opportunities for people that don’t necessarily want to live in South Africa all the time. New interested clients that don't want to buy right away before they’ve experienced the area are able to rent a unit and experience the estate before deciding to buy. Residents are able to invite family for a short stay too. 

In addition, this opens the facility up to local primary caregivers who can bring loved ones with dementia for respite care for a couple of weeks or months. 

Ndlovu offers the freedom to come and go. Autonomy in decision making is as important as a community.


Only 20 units are being released in phase 1 - 18 Deluxe Gold Suites and 2 Deluxe Platinum Suites. All suites accommodate two people. Platinum Suites may accommodate up to three guests for a short stay only. Owner occupation for phase 1 is expected to take place from April 2022.

The styling of the suites is open-plan. Some have balconies that overlook the pool and garden. The primary difference in unit options is the size.

All the suites are fully finished, and an occupational therapist is appointed to assess your needs as part of the purchase price. They will assess where grab rails need to be installed throughout the suite, amongst other things. As all fittings are retrofitted there will be wheelchair access to all areas too. 

Residents have the option of adding kitchenettes, but they are not included in the purchase price. However because furniture is included in the deal should buyers want a kitchenette installed, they have the option to swap out furniture in lieu of a kitchenette. 

Each unit is completely customizable to the client’s needs.  

Deluxe Gold Suites - 55m2

R28,225 transfer costs*





* Fees are based on launch price

Transfer fee - conveyancer: R30,065

Post, petties, FICA: R1,100

Deeds office: R1,220

TOTAL: R32,385

Deluxe Platinum Suites - 61m2

R30,065 transfer costs*





*Fees are based on launch price

Transfer fee - conveyancer: R31,905

Post, petties, FICA: R1,100

Deeds office: R1,691

TOTAL: R34,225

Suites are VAT inclusive. 

The monthly levy of R6,500 includes insurance, maintenance, WiFi, water, lights and DStv. 

Care packages catered to the client’s specific needs and are in addition. 

We encourage people to come and experience Ndlovu. Trial it. Stay for a couple of months, buy and lease and share it with others. Experience a new way to retire!

If you are interested in receiving more details or site plans of units available, get in touch with Liselle Bouwer at PropertyFox today!

Enquire on the listing here.

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