Property Tips   |   22 May 2020

Our 10 Top Tips For Taking Great Video Of Your House, And How To Prepare!

Show-houses were cancelled during the Covid-19 lockdown, and real estate agents have had to pivot their processes a little so as not to come to a complete halt, after all, properties are still on the market and need to be sold!

Photos are probably one of the first things that attract a potential buyer to view a property, but nothing beats physically walking through the house to give you a feel for how things flow, where the sun shines through the windows, whether the garden is breezy or not, and to take in the views of the surroundings. So we had to come up with the next best thing – a video walkthrough. Now we understand that a video walk-through is not the real thing, but it’s as close to it as we can get right now. 

A video walkthrough saves quite a lot of time as it helps to narrow down potential buyer’s property picks to schedule viewings post lockdown.

Being a digitally first real estate agency it was easy enough for PropertyFox to allow for these changes, however, most homeowners are not used to taking their own property photos, or video.

Here are 10 easy to follow tips for taking your own video:

  1. Mobile Device – You really don’t need the latest camera tech. Using your smartphone is perfectly fine.
  2. Tidy Up – Try to pack things away and declutter the space as much as possible prior to taking the video. Follow our tips on how to take great property photos for decluttering tips. 
  3. Time of Day – The time of day you choose to shoot the video matters, as it will affect how the light falls into the house. Usually, mid-morning, mid-day and early afternoon are best for filming video, as it offers the most neutral light.
  4. Lighting – Even if the house has great natural light, switch on the lights in the rooms, and bedside table lights in the bedrooms to cast that ‘glowing ambience’. Great lighting delivers better quality video. Remember also to draw open any curtains or blinds.
  5. Record in Landscape – It may feel more natural to hold your phone upright (portrait), but for video, landscape (horizontal) gets more in the shot, and also feels more natural.
  6. Eye-Level – Take the video either at eye level or chest height as you walk through. This makes it feel as if the person watching is walking through the house themselves.
  7. Where to Start – Start at the front of the house and walk through the house first, then come back to the garden (if relevant). If you live in an apartment, try to follow the natural flow of the space – ie if the kitchen leads to the lounge which opens onto the balcony – follow that, and then come back to the rest of the rooms in the house.
  8. What to Show – Show the rooms, the front approach, and the garden/living area. The living space so to speak. There is no need to open cupboards. Just walk through the space – as if you’re showing the house to your friends for the first time.
  9. Audio – Audio depends on your surroundings, but there is no need for a voice-over (ie talking through what you see). Ideally, there shouldn’t be kids running around screaming, dogs barking, or a neighbour mowing the lawn – but, if you’re trying to convey how peaceful and quiet it is – it’s always nice to capture the bird song in the trees. Some agents will cover your audio with music anyway, so even if you happen to record an unpleasant sound, don’t worry!
  10. Stabilisation – Unless you’re a seasoned pro, or have a gimbal, getting non-shaky video footage can be tricky, especially as you’re walking. Our easiest tip for getting better stability is to keep your elbows locked in place on your sides. This creates a tripod effect, so even if you don’t have a tripod or gimbal, you’re creating your own stability.


The best is that you only have to capture the video. And don’t be too concerned if you captured it in bits in pieces and not in one go. The PropertyFox team will put the final editing together on your behalf, and the house will be show-day ready, virtually!

Considering selling? Get in touch with us to list your property, and to schedule a call with your local agent to get the process started.

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