Home Safety During the Holidays

If you plan on leaving your home for the holidays, even just for a day or two, you might be fretting about the safety of your property. While the festive season is a time to unwind, the stress of worrying about your empty house might make it difficult to relax. To...

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Durban Beaches

Durban is South Africa’s premiere family seaside getaway destination -famous for its beautiful beaches and warm Indian Ocean. Being the main metropolis of KwaZulu-Natal Province, it’s guaranteed to have much to see and do, but it’s the beautiful beaches, rather than...

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Xmas Décor Ideas for Your Home

Getting your home into the holiday spirit doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Whether you go add all the bells and whistles or you just want to bring a little cheer, we’ve got some ideas for you. Whether you prefer traditional decor or something a bit more out there,...

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East London Beaches

East London is said to have the best of everything, Buffalo City (as it is fondly known) is also regarded as one of the most consistent coastlines in the country. Not only does it lie on one of the most sublime coastlines in world, it boasts warm Indian Ocean waters...

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