The Voetstoots Clause and the CPA

You've probably heard the common law term “voetstoots” before. It usually crops up when things are being sold, but it's especially relevant when selling or buying property. Selling a property voetstoots means it is being sold as is, meaning with all its problems. The...

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Joint Property Ownership After A Divorce

Getting a divorce can be extremely stressful. There's a ton of litigation to navigate and being married in community of property comes with a lot of paperwork if you are looking to sell the house after your divorce. Problems between the co-owners of a property, such...

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Living in Yzerfontein

The harbour village of Yzerfontein has come to reflect a lifestyle of peace and tranquillity. The town is one of most the pristine and picturesque on the West Coast. From the long ridge on which the village is perched, Table Mountain is clearly visible and it is only...

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Residential Estate Living with Your Pet

With the rise in popularity of residential complexes and estates, it's important to consider what this means for your pets. These estates come with many benefits and amenities, but if you plan on investing in this type of property, you must be aware of the Conduct...

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