The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Cape Town

With mountains, beaches, forests and parks galore, Cape Town is a pretty cool place to own a dog. Whether you’re scouting out some of the Mother City’s dog-friendly areas, or you’re just looking forward to some pup-filled beach time this summer, be sure to check out...

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Five Things To Do Before Selling

A few easy steps you can take which will help with the sale of your home. Moving house is generally an exciting process – relocating to a fresh new space that suits your new needs is largely a positive experience. Unfortunately selling a home doesn’t usually have the...

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The Best Markets in Durban

Markets across South Africa has become a favourite neighbourhood past-time. Durban is no different. What’s not to love about markets? Combining great food, shopping, music, and beautiful settings into one vibrant atmosphere after the next, markets are an ideal summer...

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How PropertyFox Ensures Sellers’ Safety

We take safety very seriously. Safety is of the utmost importance here at PropertyFox. Showing your home is stressful enough as it is without the added worry of security. We thought we’d take a minute to explain how we conduct our safety screenings and checks prior to...

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How Will We Live In 2025?

* Alexa: read me article on the house of the future * By 2020, UberAir plans to run air taxis in at least three big cities - Dallas, LA and Dubai. If these get off the ground a transportation revolution could be sparked that could lead to the rise of airborne cities...

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