Industry   |   23 April 2020

PropertyFox Operations During Covid-19 Lockdown

Real estate in unprecedented times. Being digitally first, makes it simpler to adapt.

The last few weeks of nationwide lockdown has resulted in many firsts for our country. Many industries have taken a hard knock, and our economy (and our people) will more than likely take a while to recover.

The real estate industry as a whole had to adapt to this ‘new world’ by creating new operational processes. Even during our national lockdown, property continues to be bought and sold.

As a digital first real estate agency, PropertyFox has been very fortunate to have many processes in place to continue ‘business (mostly) as usual’ during these unprecedented times. But even so, we have introduced further new innovations through our technology-driven offering, which even post lockdown will be highly useful.

In addition to our agents being able to continue working remotely, our process of managing the buying and selling process include the below, with a couple of newer additions too:

  1. Browse Properties Online – Our full list of available properties remain searchable on our own site, as well as prominent property listing portals such as Property24 and PrivateProperty. Each property has a full gallery of images to help you get a better idea of the property, prior to viewing.
  2. Contact Agents – Our Local Agents remain available throughout lockdown. Get in touch with our team on our side or Facebook if you have questions, or need assistance with your property transaction.
  3. Get Free Property Valuation – Property valuations remain uninterrupted despite #lockdown. Our team of agents are able to continue providing these valuations through our proprietary technology.
  4. List Property for Sale – If you’re considering selling your property, you can do so virtually! Complete the details of the property and ownership on our site, send us a few images of the property snapped from your phone, and we’ll automatically provide a free valuation on the property, and get it listed (should you decide to sell) even during lockdown!
  5. Request Virtual Show-House (new!) – We will be happy to schedule an in-person viewing post lockdown regulations being lifted, but if you’re super eager to get a better ‘feel’ of your dream home, we provide virtual show-houses in lockdown! These are conducted as a ‘live’ walk-through of the property via video call (where able), or a pre-recorded video walk-through.
  6. Make an Offer – Once you have found your dream home, there is no reason to wait till after lockdown to put in your offer. We will manage the documentation between parties and present the offer to the seller virtually. We will then negotiate between parties until a resolution is found.
  7. Get Ahead of the Legal Paperwork (adapted) – Even though the Deeds Office is closed during the national lockdown, we are able to help you get ahead on the paperwork with our expert legal team. Lockdown should not put you at risk of losing the sale/purchase of your property! Our team assists both buyers & sellers to complete the paperwork, so we can submit to the Deeds Office for a fast-tracked process.

The PropertyFox team hope that you and your loved ones are managing to stay healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for any of your real estate requirements, or queries on our Covid-19 procedures.

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