Industry   |   8 December 2020

The Bubble Home – Homes of the Future?

The “bubble home” is not some Jetsons episode, but something far more real.

The “quarantine bubble effect” is the repercussion that lockdown had on many people globally. It caused us to rethink the way we work, learn and even for some, where and how we live. 

At PropertyFox we see this reflected in the new list of home criteria requested by buyers.

It makes sense if you think about it.

A House is More than a Home

During the pandemic, homes have become more than a sanctuary. With many people now spending the majority of their time at home, working or studying, it has had to fulfil so many more needs we didn’t even know we had. 

It is a safe-haven for the family. A controlled space where some have either realised the value in what they have or the need to create further comfort. And where they’ve realised that they can not do this with their current homes, they start looking elsewhere.

This new home buying trend led us to put together a list of things that we’ve seen become more popular with our recent buyers. 

Our Top Tips for the Ultimate “Bubble Home” Checklist

  1. Comfort – Comfort has to be at the top of the list. And the irony is that this could mean different things for many people. Comfort could be the way the house is laid out, space, additional utilities like air-cons, or even the convenience of being located close to outdoor exercise space or shopping facilities. 
  2. Fibre Internet – As a second part to comfort, a top question usually arises around the type of internet available, especially whether the fibre is present. Having reliable internet has become of utmost importance especially with most people now being able to work from home more regularly. 
  3. Neighbourhood – We’ve always known that schools are a major draw-card for most decisions for young families around neighbourhoods, but now there is also another quite unique and unexpected development: compliancy. It sounds a little weird, but neighbourhoods where more people ‘complied’ with government rules and especially as it pertains to safety measures, are seen to be ‘safer’, dependable and therefore more desirable.
  4. Security – Security was a major concern for many people as we headed into the first stages of lockdown. For this reason, estate living has become more and more sought after. We are also seeing more new estate developments arising especially in Cape Town where this was not really as popular previously as in Gauteng. 
  5. Dedicated space – Rooms in the house that can be utilised as dedicated “utility” rooms, even where they are shared in function. This for example could be a small space in a guest bedroom that has been created to function as your office during work hours. This could be the same for a gym room, kids play area or a quiet space. 
  6. Gardens – Gardening can be very therapeutic, and many people turned to this during lockdown as a pastime. There is something very nurturing and fulfilling when growing something for beauty (flowers) or as edible gardens. The great thing is that either way one can achieve this in a larger, dedicated garden, or balcony space.


This pandemic has changed so many things about how we live our lives. Property has not been immune to these changes.

Whether you’re looking to turn your current space into something that fulfils your lifestyle and our “new” normal, or whether you’d prefer to find the ‘ready-made’ version. Get in touch with us to help you find that ideal house that fulfils this list for you.

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