Property Tips   |   1 March 2019

Tips for Decorating your Bedroom Before Selling your House

In any home, the master bedroom should act as a sanctuary from the outside world.

It makes sense to put the time and effort into making this room inviting and comfortable.

If updating the direction of your bedroom decoration is on the top of your to-do lists for 2019, keep the look and feel of it on trend with these bedroom interior design ideas.

At PropertyFox, we have a look at these trends to help you spruce up your bedroom, maybe in time for the next Valentines Day (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Mismatched Furniture

Taking a cue from transitional styling, a well-judged mixed look is a great way to add fun and visual interest in your bedroom, and we love how creative and different you can be with it.

This is the perfect opportunity to inject your personality and all your favourite style features into your bedroom interior design and not feel compromised as there’s plenty of freedom for expression.

Layer Rugs

Fully carpeted rooms have been out of favour for years, and hopefully they never come back in style, but that said, when it comes to comforting bedroom interior design ideas, the larger the rug, the cosier and inviting the room will feel.

And for added textural play during colder moments, think about layering a plush sheepskin rug over your main rug for added visual interest and extra softness to avoid having your feet hit cold flooring.

A Perfect Mess

It looks like a mess, feels like a mess, but it isn’t a mess, it’s just a carefully arranged mess to achieve an uncompromising feeling for the master bedroom.

Colourful Art over White

This one has been not only the high side of bedroom trends but also one of the favourites. Pick some vivid, colourful art and make it even more lively using white tones on your wall. Here you can study, work out or even just watch a funny movie.

Hotel Inspired Look

There’s no denying the instant luxury one feels when stepping into a proper hotel suite, but by going for a hotel-inspired bedroom interior design you could make your bedroom look extra chic!

Take a bedroom design cue from any of the ultra-chic boutique hotels that have risen in popularity over the past few years.

Grey with a Glimpse of Colour

It looks like this photo was edited, but it was not. This is an ingenious master bedroom idea where the tones seem so colourless that it only exacerbates the life coming from the paintings on the wall.

Unusual Headboards

Make a major statement in your bedroom interior design with an oversized or unusual headboard. Some oversized headboards stretch the width of an entire wall, whereas others are floor to ceiling.

Some are upholstered in dramatic jewel toned velvet while others are simpler and subtle. Whichever look you are going for with your headboard, its oversized nature is bound to make an impact.

Get Your Lighting in Order

Lighting plays a vital role in modern bedroom design. Most designers recommend playing with natural light, but it helps to create a warm environment at night as well.

Recessed lighting installed in the ceiling creates the illusion of a spacious room. Hanging lamps such as glass globes can reflect the natural light and lessen the necessity of lights during the day.

At PropertyFox, we want to make sure that your property buying or selling process goes down without a hitch. Contact us today and we’ll take it from there.

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