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Dec 14, 2018 | All, Lifestyle

East London is said to have the best of everything, Buffalo City (as it is fondly known) is also regarded as one of the most consistent coastlines in the country.

Not only does it lie on one of the most sublime coastlines in world, it boasts warm Indian Ocean waters and a sub-tropical climate -allowing visitors to enjoy the beaches all year round.

East London has a coastline of magnificent unspoiled beaches. From miles of sandy shores, much of which is backed by forested coastal dunes with inviting secluded picnic spots, to rocky reefs, ideal for anglers.

At PropertyFox, we have selected some of our favourites, and who knows; you might want to buy a property along the shore.

Bonza Bay Beach
Also known as Beacon Bay, Bonza Bay lies just at the mouth of the Quinera Lagoon giving you the best of both worlds; swimming opportunities abound along the stretches of golden sand but there are also ample birding and fishing, both rock and surf, opportunities. The beach is reached by a charming walkway from the parking lot, and the dunes here also provide many lovely secluded nooks in which to picnic.
Travel time from East London CBD: 25 minutes

Glen Eden
Glen Eden, one of the little tucked in beaches along the coast, is renowned for its safe swimming beach, stunning river mouth, rock pools and long beach -great for beachcombing and just taking in the fresh air. Glen Eden Beach is well known for surfing all year round, with an exposed beach break. Although this is a great beach to swim in it is advisable to be careful of rip tides and of sharks in the vicinity. Boasting magnificent scenery, it’s the perfect place to enjoy sundowners with a panoramic view of the sea and sunset. The river mouth allows for safer swimming and is thoroughly enjoyed by children.
Travel time from East London CBD: 33 minutes

Gonubie Beach
Gonubie Beach is one of the hidden gems of the Sunshine Coast. Situated in the coastal village of Gonubie in the Eastern Cape, Gonubie Beach can be accessed by a 500m boardwalk from the famous Buccaneer’s backpackers (an institution unto itself) that leads down to a stunning tidal pool and protects the vegetation on the soft white sand dunes. This wide sandy beach at its mouth stretches south for a kilometre before reaching the rocks that line the Gonubie shore. The boardwalk provides an excellent vantage point for spotting whales and dolphins in season, as well as for those watching their loved ones’ surf and windsurf in the waves.
Travel time from East London CBD: 24 minutes

Nahoon Beach
Nahoon Beach, a surfer’s and swimmer’s paradise, is arguably East London’s most popular beach. We’re talking kilometres of uncrowded and unpolluted sand and sea that produces some of the best waves, hence it has served as a venue for many of the national surfing competitions. The Nahoon River mouth is not only a favourite haunt amongst fishermen but also boasts safe swimming spots for those a little afraid of the pounding surf.
Travel time from East London CBD: 14 minutes

Eastern Beach
Eastern beach lies just past the East London aquarium opposite Marina Glen. Being one of the city’s most central beaches, it’s also one of the most popular. Known by surfers for its fantastic waves, and an abundance of black rocks scattered on the sands. Sandbanks often build up off boulders and pebbles along the shore, creating fun areas to explore. It features wonderful facilities such as changing rooms and take-away kiosks. Be warned that Eastern Beach is one of ‘the’ beaches come New Year’s Eve and some 400 000 people can descend on the shore.
Travel time from East London CBD: 8 minutes

Besides the beautiful beaches, East London boasts a plethora of rivers running into the sea providing natural lagoons that not only shelter birds and wildlife, but also offer fishing, boating, safe swimming and other water sports.

At PropertyFox, we might even be able to help you buy your dream holiday home in some of the East London’s prime locations. Contact us today and we could make it happen.

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