Listing Terms & Conditions

PropertyFox Property Listing Terms & Conditions

All listing instructions are valid for 6 months from the date of signature by the seller.

Payment terms and conditions:
Definitions: SA Online Property Fox Property Fox (Pty) Ltd
(hereafter referred to as “PropertyFox”)

Fee Payable:
The seller will pay PropertyFox a commission-based fee at the rate of 1,5% plus Vat on the commission, or R39,990 plus Vat, whichever is higher, at the conclusion of a successful sale through PropertyFox on an exclusive listing instruction, or 3% plus Vat for open listing instructions, or R39,990 plus Vat whichever is higher. The said commission shall be deemed to have been earned upon the signature of the agreement of sale by the purchaser and the seller, and upon suspensive conditions being met; and is payable upon the registration of transfer or upon cancellation by reason of the seller’s or purchaser’s default. In the event of the sale being cancelled or transfer not being implemented then the defaulting party shall be liable to PropertyFox for the payment of the Commission. In the event of the agreement being cancelled by mutual agreement, the Seller and Purchaser shall be jointly and severally liable to pay the commission to the agency.

Effective Cause:
The Seller specifically records that PropertyFox will be regarded as the effective cause of the sale in the event that a Purchaser, or any related person (as defined in the Income Tax Act) or any person otherwise related to the Purchaser that was directed to the property or to him/her/it through their website (as recorded), or any of its advertising platforms, purchases the property no matter when such sale takes place.

Property Types:
PropertyFox specialises in residential sales. We are able to list Guest Houses and Vacant Land in our Featured Neighbourhoods only. We do not list businesses, farms or commercial properties at this time.

Registration Fee:
There is no upfront registration fee for our *Featured Neighbourhoods. The only time the R1,500 Ex VAT Registration Fee is independently charged for our Featured Neighbourhoods listings, is if you withdraw your property within 90 days of listing.
Neighbourhoods that fall outside of our featured areas require an initial valuation to be completed by PropertyFox, and we shall list the property if the listing price is within 10% of our valuation price. Where services are available, such properties are subject to PropertyFox Registration Fee of R1,500 Ex VAT, payable upfront. The registration fee is non-refundable and is deductible from your overall commission on successful sale. Optional Extras are all charged in addition to our overall commission, and due for payment upfront.

The Registration Fee covers the homeowner for the services rendered for the property. Photographs taken by a PropertyFox freelance photographer remain the property of PropertyFox. Under no circumstance are PropertyFox photographs to be used by another agency or individual for marketing purposes. Photographs will be sent to the homeowner upon sale of the property. In the event that the listing is withdrawn prior to sale, photographs can be purchased for a fee of R1500.00 ex Vat.

Listings Disclaimer:
Although every effort has been made to obtain and present accurate information on this website, it may be subject to errors, omissions, change of price, prior sale, or withdrawal without notice. PropertyFox cannot be held liable for any incorrect information supplied regarding the properties on this website.

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