Holiday Home Must Haves

Dec 7, 2018 | All, Property Tips

With the holiday season creeping closer, you’re probably itching to put your feet up somewhere.

Whether you’re heading away to your own holiday home or getting ready to rent it out, there are a few essentials every holiday home should have.

With the peak holiday season around the corner, savvy landlords should be going all out to maximise their return on their holiday homes.

It can be disappointing for travellers to go on holiday and not have household essentials available. Not to worry though, here are a few things to look at that every holiday home should have.

Comfy Furnishings

Holiday home furnishings need to be both practical and comfortable. Lounge suites, for example, should be covered with an easy-to-clean fabric or better still, leather. Put yourself in your tenant’s shoes: you are on holiday, you’re going to want to relax and not fret about possible damages.

Furnish the home with furniture that can take a bit of a pounding, but that won’t break the bank if it needs to be replaced.

Back to Basics

Sometimes your guests expect certain things to be in place for them already, they are on vacation after all. So, what are the basic things that we have come to expect in a holiday rental?

  • Toiletries – After a long journey, some things simply can’t wait for a trip to the supermarket. It’s not a must for self-catering, but it adds a nice touch.
  • Kitchen equipment – Holiday rental owners who love food know how to fit out kitchens. Make sure you stock up on cutlery and crockery, remember the coffee plunger, a good set of pots and pans and don’t forget the braai grid, tongs and serving receptacles.


There are many who prefer to be on holiday without the distraction of the internet, but in an age of social media, it is almost impossible to go anywhere without anyone asking you, “what’s the Wifi password?”

Once again, wifi is a luxury, but it will add a nice touch. Just think about all the marketing from those Instagram snaps.

A Guestbook

A guest book will encourage renters to leave a review. Plus, those reviews might include tips for area activities or restaurants that future guests will appreciate.

Include Some Emergency Supplies

A first aid kit is a must. As is a fire extinguisher. Consider adding things like mosquito repellent to your first aid kit and some cream to soothe any bug bites.

With load shedding back in full force in South Africa, also remember things like candles, torches, batteries and perhaps some solar-powered gear. It’s also worth including a note on emergency numbers and hospitals close by. You can even print out the load shedding schedule for your area.

Added Special Extras

These things might not be essential, but it could make a difference to your guests’ experience and show them that you care. You could include complimentary baskets, a deck of cards, board games, and boogie boards and a frisbee in the shed are nice added touches to the house. This will make your renters feel more at home and will encourage repeat business and set you up for a fruitful, year-long operation.

To make sure your holiday home is perfect for your guest always remember to view your property from a guest’s perspective. Go and stay in the property at least once a year to check on the overall condition of the home, regardless of whether you use an agent to manage the property or not. This way you can see what needs to fixed or added to make your guests stay even more special.

Whether you plan on purchasing a holiday home to put your feet up or to rent out, PropertyFox will be there throughout the process. Call or email us today for more information. 

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