Homes with Swimming Pools

Jan 15, 2019 | All, Industry

It’s hot, hot, hot and with the summer sun sizzling, you might be considering adding a swimming pool to your home.

As with all additions, homes with pools come with rewards and challenges. At PropertyFox, we have a look at the various factors involved when it comes owning a home with a pool.

Rewards of Having A Home with a Pool

It’s a good look for your home. A properly designed and placed pool can look great and can tie together indoor and outdoor areas in a unique way. Just picture it: a hilltop home with an infinity pool, visible from several rooms in the house. This is the high-end look that many of us dream of.

But not everyone can afford this top-end design. Not to worry, though, clever use of space can manipulate the light through the water and reflect it back onto, or even into, the house.

Your property value will also increase with a pool. According to realtors, pools always add a substantial percentage to the house price in terms of value. When done right it’s not only a place to cool down, but an attractive feature that becomes the centre of your urban oasis.

Having a pool also promotes fitness. Swimming for fitness is great. It is much easier on the joints and even just splashing or playing around can burn a few calories. When you have kids, this will become even more obvious as they’ll be the ones encouraging you to join in their games.

With a pool in your backyard, you won’t have to go too far for a vacation. Having a pool helps you create a ‘staycation’. A beautifully designed outdoor space can help you feel like you’ve taken a mini-break over a weekend without needing to spend a penny.

As with all additions, homes with pools come with rewards and challenges.

What to Look Out For

High maintenance. Despite all the happy advertisements by pool companies and chemical companies, a pool requires both monitoring and work. There are numerous upkeep, insurance and maintenance costs. It also adds to your electricity bill. And, if you’re in Cape Town, you won’t just be able to top up from the tap as you please.

Extra insurance costs. The safety issue with pools links directly to the need for the homeowner to pay for additional insurance to cover pool accidents and other safety issues. One factor to consider with pool ownership is the liability coverage and adding an umbrella policy to your homeowner’s coverage with the added liability a pool brings.

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If you choose to buy a home with a pool or build a new one from scratch, it would be important to consider the rewards and risks involved.

At PropertyFox, we want to make sure that your property buying or selling experience goes as smooth as possible. Contact us today and we will take it from there.

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