Love Lives Here

Feb 5, 2019 | All, Lifestyle

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day this week. But a romantic flair to warm up your home will be in style all year round.

If you want to get Cupid to shoot an arrow through your home, it’s time to start generating some ideas on how you’re going to make the house feel a little bit more relaxed and romantic.

At PropertyFox, here is a look at how you could add more love to your home in preparation of V-Day!

Candles and Roses

This seems like an obvious one, but we had to include it. Candles flickering, scattered around the house is a sure way to help things feel a little better. The lighting is dim, the feel is warm, and everything looks just a tad bit more romantic all because you got out some matches.

You can always find some candles that smell like roses to really take things over-the-top.


There’s really nothing more romantic than a beautiful chandelier that gives off soft, warm lighting. The dining room is an especially great option. You could also add more glam in the bathroom with a crystal chandelier that can reflect the light and bring a little sparkle.

This way the two of you can have a romantic dinner and follow the candles to the living room to watch a romantic movie. Besides, it tops off the room and gives it a unique feel and could even add a bit of value to the sale price in future.

Fluffy Pillows

On the couch and on the bed, stock up on some comfy, pretty-toned pillows. Use pastel colours to soothe and make sure they’re comfy enough to rest on.

There’s really nothing more romantic than a beautiful chandelier that gives off soft, warm lighting.

It’ll be more appealing to lay on and a lot comfier than the usual firm throw pillow. The more pillows on the bed, the better. Decorative pillows can add softness to a room.

Whites and Pastels

Softer colours can add a more romantic vibe. Pristine white mixed with soft pastels may add warmth to a bedroom. Try whites or pastel bedding and accessories up against a slightly darker wall colour for just the right contrast.

Intimate Outdoor Spaces

You can get romantic with your landscaping outside too. Set a scene with a small table and chair set, greenery surrounding, and strung lights to create a cosy spot to unwind or dine.

With these tips, you are sure to turn your home into one of the most romantic venues if you’re struggling to find one 14 February.

At PropertyFox, we want to make sure you have the home of your dreams. Contact us today and we will take it from there.

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