Beacon Bay

Living in Beacon Bay

The Eastern Cape beaches are known for their tranquil beauty and nowhere is this more so than in Beacon Bay.

Sandwiched between two rivers and surrounded by nature reserves, Beacon Bay is beautifully picturesque, but still allows relatively easy access to the city of East London.

Known for its gorgeous beaches and leafy streets, Beacon Bay is a suburb of East London, located a short drive away from the city centre.

Because Beacon Bay is both beautiful and convenient, it is very popular among holiday-makers and tourists, which means there are plenty of guesthouses located in the area.

However, families would be happy here as the suburb is also home to several schools as well as shopping malls, restaurants and individual shops, making Beacon Bay popular among locals as well.

There are many home options here, including large houses, apartments and flats as well as smaller townhouses – a home for every pocket.

Offering city comforts with the benefit of so much surrounding natural beauty, Beacon Bay is the area of choice for many families, professionals and retired people.

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