Living in Durban

Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, subtropical climate and warm ocean, Durban is a surf hotspot and a beach lover’s paradise. Also home to one of the busiest ports on the continent, Durban is the economic centre of the KwaZulu Natal Provence and one of South Africa’s most populated cities. Asian and African influences mesh in Durban, as the city is home to one of the biggest Indian populations outside India. The dozens of African-inspired rickshaws – vehicles usually found in India and other parts of Asia – dotted all over the winding Durban promenade exemplify this unique cultural fusion that can also be found in the city’s architecture, food and local events.

Featured Neighbourhoods

Durban CBD

Durban CBD is located on the harbour, and is an amalgamation of business, culture and tourism.


North of Central Durban a commercial and residential area that hugs the coast line. Popular as both holiday and residential property.


An upmarket residential area to the west of Durban CBD, featuring prominent schools and more popular with young families.

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