Northern Cape

Living in Northern Cape

Being the largest province in South Africa, the Northern Cape Province is almost equivalent to the size of Germany (which is a country if I may add) and takes up nearly a third of South Africa. As large as it is, the province only hosts around 2.3% of the country’s population. Due to its sparse population travelling between towns could quite a journey.

In its vastness, the semi-desert province with its huge spaces and awe-inspiring landscapes offers serene living in its wide open spaces.
The province is also home to South Africa’s national treasure (literally), Kimberley, also known as the Diamond City after diamonds were discovered on a nearby farm in the region in 1871. Rumour has it that people only visit the town in the hopes of finding treasure, well PropertyFox is sure to have a listing that is as precious as the diamonds in Kimberley!

Featured Neighbourhoods


Kimberley is the capital city of the Northern Cape Province and known for its diamond mines.


Upington lies on the banks of the Orange river and is rich in nutrient rich soil, making this a great region for agriculture.

Port Nolloth

As the name suggests, Port Nolloth is a small sea port in the Namaqua region that still operates as small fishing village with many holiday homes interspersed with local residents.

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