Cape Town

Living in Cape Town

Labelled by many as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town is renowned for its idyllic beaches, beautiful mountains and relaxed culture. It is South Africa’s legislative capital, with the buildings of Parliament nestled in the city centre, and a major tourist destination due to the plethora of famous landmarks and attractions that are sprinkled all over the city and its surrounds.

Although Cape Town is known for being a bit slower than most cities, it is home to a vibrant, clean and buzzing CBD as well as plenty of energetic inhabitants who frequently take advantage of all the natural beauty surrounding them. Built around the ocean and the city’s own Wonder of Nature – Table Mountain – property in Cape Town is valuable and in high demand as the quality of life is of such a high standard.

Featured Neighbourhoods

City Bowl

The City Bowl or CBD is vibrant and busy! Young professionals, students and artsy adults choose to live here.

Atlantic Seaboard

Atlantic Seaboard is made up of a variety of smaller neighbourhoods. This area is located to the left of the CBD and hugs the ocean line.

Northern Suburbs

Northern Suburbs is made up of many smaller neighbourhoods. This area is considered typically anything to the north of the Waterfront.

Sea Point

Seapoint is one of Cape Town’s most affluent and densely populated suburbs.


Green Point

The area is a central suburb of Cape Town and a popular residential area for young professionals.

Mouille Point

Mouille Point is a suburb in Cape Town with highly sought-after beachfront properties, as well as lifestyle.

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