City Bowl

Living in the City Bowl

Business, hipster culture and tourism meet in Cape Town’s clean, functional and lively City Bowl, or as known by locals, the CBD. Sandwiched between the ocean and Table Mountain National Park, with the famous Long Street at its centre, this part of the city is always a flurry of activity. As Cape Town’s business hub, the CBD is largely made up of offices, apartments, restaurants and shops.

Hiddingh, the University of Cape Town’s art and drama campus, is located here as well as the buildings of Parliament and a plethora of historic museums, monuments and landmarks.

Housing in the CBD consists largely of both modern and older apartments that are interspersed between office blocks, stores, shopping centres, coffee shops, cafes, bars, eateries and clubs. Vibrant and energetic, the CDB is the closest thing Cape Town has to a real city. The area is central, hip and usually busy meaning that many young professionals, students and artsy adults choose to live here.

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