Green Point

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Equivalent to being the heartbeat of Cape Town due to its bustling nightlife, great restaurants and amazing coffee shops, there is definitely more to Green Point than what meets the eye. The area is the central suburb of Cape Town located to the north west of the CBD. It is also a popular residential area for young professionals.

Green Point offers different types of accommodation and a good selection in pricing in turn offering something for each segment of the property market. Many new mid-rise apartments and mixed-use developments have gone up in recent years. The Braemar Estate includes a few dozen properties that are restricted to single dwellings only, within the boundaries of Green Point.

Green Point Park is a great outdoor area ideal for families and runners, and includes a play-park, running track and some beautiful landscaped features for picnics in summer. One of the area’s main points of interest includes Cape Town Stadium that was constructed on the Green Point Common for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Other developments in the area includes the upgrade to the Helen Suzman and Granger Bay Boulevard being constructed with a massive investment in creating an urban park surrounding Cape Town Stadium.

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