Sea Point

Living in Sea Point

Situated between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean, Sea Point is one of Cape Town’s most affluent and densely populated suburbs. Sea Point is also the only sea-side suburb of Cape Town with significant high-rise development and this, along with other factors, has made it a very popular residential area, or for investing in first or second homes and apartments.

The area also has a mix of old and new buildings, and there has been a surge of development here in recent years. Many foreign and local investors see the area as a place of urban rejuvenation opportunities.

Houses are built in close proximity to one another towards the surrounding mountainside, while apartment buildings are more common in the central area and toward the beach-front. An important communal space is the beach-front promenade, a paved walkway along the beach-front used by residents and tourists for walking, jogging or socialising. The area also offers easy access to numerous sports facilities in the area and well-maintained green areas on the boulevard to enjoy time outdoors.

‘Sea’ the ‘point’ of moving here?

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