Living in Woodstock

Trendy, vibey and with a population comprising both students and long-term residents, Woodstock is one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs. 

Woodstock has gone through a period of regeneration over the past few years that has transformed the area from a run-down region to one of the city’s hippest residential and business areas. 

Home to some of Cape Town’s top restaurants as well as a plethora of artsy boutiques, trendy cafes as well as offices, Woodstock epitomises city living. The old Victorian-style houses found in the area have become a popular buy in recent years due to their character and affordability and apartments – both brand new and renovated – are sought after as well.

It is only a short drive away from the city centre and the V&A Waterfront and Woodstock provides the vibe and convenience of living in the city at a more affordable price. 

Busy and diverse, Woodstock has been dubbed as one of the most hipster areas in Cape Town. Attracting artsy individuals of all ages, the suburb is also home to many students as well as young couples and business people.

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