Perfect SA Homes For Game Of Thrones Favourites

Jul 18, 2017 | All, Lifestyle

Ever wondered what kind of property your favourite Game of Thrones character would live in? We played around.

Game of Thrones (GOT) season seven aired on Monday 17 July and episode one didn’t disappoint. With Frey-ed nerves, we watched as revenge was served, Ed Sheeran sang and Valonqar was hinted at. There was even a Harry Potter reference.

But where would our favourite GOT characters live if given the option of escaping the Great War and setting up home in sunny South Africa?’ PropertyFox – the consumer-focused real estate industry disruptor – has some houses listed that even Tyrion would approve of. Here are the properties we’ve handpicked for our GOT crew.

Daenerys Targaryan
On a mountain of dragon-glass next to the sea, with plenty of room for pet dragons and a band of loyal followers, this Knysna Heads home is Dany’s new Dragonstone. Fit for a queen with regal taste, the home is perched high out of reach of enemies, with docking space for a large fleet of ships. Cue the dramatic drumbeats as Dany and Tyrion begin plotting how to put down funds for a deposit. Shall we begin?

Cersei and Jamie Lannister
Never known to do things by halves, the Lannister’s new 12-bedroom abode is a veritable Casterly River, with the Vaal running close by. An architectural behemoth in Parys, there’s space for Cersei to paint a map on the floor and for Jamie to practise his sword work. Now the last of their line, this is the start of the Lannister’s new dynasty. They always pay their debts so they’d probably pay off the bond quite quickly.

The Sand Snakes
Controversial and by no means everyone’s favourite sisters, the snakes are rumoured to be making a return to Game of Thrones season 7. Feisty, ruthless and baying for blood, this colourful Gordon’s Bay mountainside retreat in Kogelberg Nature Reserve could help to calm their restless spirits. And luckily it’s near a beach as you can’t have snakes without sand.

The Starks
The Winterfell of Nelspruit? This majestic property is ideally located for the King of the North (Nelspruit is in the north for anyone unfamiliar with South African geography). With sweeping views, it will allow the Starks to watch as winter comes – and to host delightful poolside braais in the interim. With more than a little tension between Sansa and Jon, a big house will give the siblings a bit of much-needed space – and there’s room for Arya, Bran and – dare we say it – Rickon, if they manage to come home.

Euron Greyjoy
Having recently undergone a personal makeover with a sparkling new wardrobe and some well-trimmed facial hair, Euron is seeking a stylish love nest by the sea for him and – he hopes – his bride-to-be, Cersei. Could this property be the gift he promises to bring her? With astonishing sea views perfect for the ruler of the Salt Throne, the four-bedroom house would provide all the style and pizazz this leather-jacket-loving Ironborn is after.

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