Personal Touch Supported Through Technology

May 21, 2018 | All, Industry

A virtual cup of tea.

As a modern real estate agency, we strive not to lose the personal touch of how South Africans have come to know real estate agents over the years. We are able to provide our low commission fee structure, for the most part, because we’ve modernised the logistics around the industry. By being a strictly digital agency, we can afford to pass-on major savings to our sellers.

We take great pride in providing a warm, friendly and personalised service through a dedicated Property Manager, assigned per seller, that assists them every step of the way.

Our Property Management Process

Your first interaction will be with our pre-sales team which comprises of our knowledgeable property advisors, after which you will be assigned your dedicated Property Manager. Our team of advisors will inform you about property and neighbourhood trends, prices and how we work, thereafter your dedicated Property Manager will give your property the best possible exposure and be on-call for you throughout the process.

The Property Manager assigned to your listing will guide you from Sign-up to Sale. They are quick and efficient to keep you in the loop as much, or as little as you like. So besides our low commission structure, we do all the work and all you have to do is open the door to show your own home. Once the viewing and offers start to roll-in, behind the scenes our scheduling and offers desk departments start with their work, but all the while feeding all information back to you via your dedicated Property Manager.

The Best of Both Worlds
Traditionally sharing of information on the go was tedious as agents spend a lot of time on the roads. Where decisions needed to be made quickly, it was also difficult without having all of the information at hand. Through our proprietary technology we now make the process and sharing of information seamless, transparent and in real-time as it happens. The information we have is immediately shared with our sellers through our FoxDash platform. Don’t fear if you’re not comfortable with logging into dashboards, your Property Manager will of course provide this information to you in the platform that you are most comfortable with, such as email or via the telephone in addition to the dashboard.

If you have any questions on your journey, no matter how small they may seem, your Property Manager will be on-hand to set you at ease. At PropertyFox, we only seek to amplify our great service through the use of our technology.

Contact us today and one of our property advisors will be ready to help!

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