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Our Preferred Property Partners

We work alongside some great companies that share our value of providing great service to their customers. As a home owner, buyer, or seller there are many services that can make your life a little easier during the process; and especially when they truly hold their clients in high regard.

These are our preferred partners we gladly recommend working with:

Home Loans

home-loans PropertyFox PartnershipsPropertyFox has direct relationships with all local banks and receives priority service, which means we can assist you in acquiring bond comparisons, fast.

Now you can do it all through us! Speak to your dedicated property manager for assistance.

Conveyancing Attorneys

conveyancing partners PropertyFoxWe work with extraordinary Attorney firms that help our clients throughout the transfer process, which can become quite confusing if you don’t have a dedicated person that can help you comprehend not only the legal jargon, but timelines as well as progress. Once you have decided to either accept or put in an offer to purchase, our own legal team will help you to find the firm that will suit your unique needs.

MacRobert is a values based organisation, we reinforce our shared values that form the basis of our actions. Find out more about
MacRobert Attorneys.

With our expertise and friendly approach, we deal with legal matters in an effective and efficient manner and ensure a pleasant experience for our clients. Find out more about STBB Conveyancing Attorneys.

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