Getting Your Home Ready for the Photo-op!

Mar 22, 2018 | All, Property Tips

We share our quick tips for getting your home ready for photography and capturing it in the best light.

So, you decided to sell your property and it is time to take those close-ups to showcase your house to potential buyers. Photos are usually the buyer’s first experience with a listing.

A large percentage of potential-buyers use the internet to search for their dream home, so it is important to make, not only the best first impression, but making that first impression last!

Photos can be ranked as one of the most valuable features on our website and sometimes even more valuable than the description. Great photos could also translate to more viewings, your property spending less time on the market and might even guarantee you a higher sales price.

Lucky for you, when you list your home with PropertyFox, professional photography is included in the package. With that in mind we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of things you should consider to get your home ready to “say cheese”.

  1. Get your interior in order
    We suggest you close all the cupboards, switch off all screens, clear countertops completely, dust/mop/sweep and remove anything that may distract a potential buyer’s attention. The focal points, like the kitchen, dining and living rooms deserves attention to detail. Make sure you have done the same in your bathroom/toilet and bedrooms, there is nothing more unattractive than someone searching online and seeing an unmade bed, or towels on the bathroom floor.
  2. As well as your exterior
    The front exterior is usually the first picture a potential buyer sees. Keep your cars parked inside of the garage (make sure the doors are closed), mow the lawn and also sweep the stoep to make sure that our photographers get the best out of your home. Get rid of the dead plants (for good and not just for the photography) and pick up any yard toys or garden tools. Keep your backyard in mind as well, as this area is usually seen as an oasis to relax in, so if you have pool make sure it’s clean (or covered) and remove any visible water hoses.
  3. Show us your home’s best features
    As much as our photographers are professionals in their field, they would definitely appreciate if you communicate your home’s best features to them. Talking to your photographer in advance of the photo session can help him/her deliver photos that will show off these desirable features. In addition, photographers typically prefer to schedule shoots at mid-day or as close as possible to it. This is when the light in the house will be most neutral and easier to get the best angles out of rooms.
  4. Get a professional photographer
    With PropertyFox you will not have to worry about taking the images yourself or looking for a photographer at the eleventh hour. We make sure that we appoint an experienced property photographer to capture your home in the best way possible. How is that for picture perfect?
  5. No fluffy or furry one in sight
    As much as we understand that your little pooch is your best friend or your cat is the rarest of its kind, ideally they should not be in the shoot. Pets are loving, but their presence should always be minimized when it comes to your home’s photo-op. Food bowls, water bowls, pet beds and toys should be placed out of sight as far as possible.


At the end of the day, we try to make the space as clean as possible to give any potential buyers the opportunity to picture themselves, and their family, in the space. Having too much clutter, or personal objects in the photos, or on display during the viewing, may feel like an intrusion for a potential buyer rather than an opportunity to find their new home.

Thinking about selling your home? Let one of our property advisors give you a call to discuss our model, and valuation options for your home.

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