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Jun 14, 2018 | All, Industry, main

One of the top questions we are asked by young couples and families is whether a neighbourhood they want to move to is in a specific school’s catchment area, and whether if they moved there, their child would have a better chance of being enrolled in that school.

To assist buyers with better decision making, we commissioned research into South Africa’s school feeder zones and catchment area policies, and thus have released the first of an annual ‘PropertyFox Feeder Zone guide’.

The research ring-fenced 65 of the top public high schools according to academic success at matriculation level. It found that:

  1. 6 specified their preferred suburbs (9%)
  2. 6 specified their preferred primary feeder schools (9%)
  3. 29 gave preference to learners who lived close to the school (44%)
  4. 25 had no explicit zones (38%)


It is hard for parents to get to grips with exactly where to buy property so that they have the best chance of being accepted into a specific school. And it is a catch-22 because until you have an address and apply, you won’t know if you will get in.

Catchment area information is extremely hard to find so our aim was to give parents some direction as to how to approach their property search.

This is a hefty guide jam-packed with as much information as possible – from provincial legislation around policies through to hints as to which suburbs are viable options near schools.

Ready to dive in? Grab your free copy of the PropertyFox School Feeder Zones 2018 Guide here.

We also researched average house prices in some of the top school suburbs in the country – from Rondebosch and Durbanville in the Cape, to Northcliff in Jozi, Glenwood in Durban and Selborne in East London.

The feeder zone guide is aimed squarely at property buyers in the market for a house in the R1.5-million and above level who want to buy near their school of choice.

Some of the key take-outs:

  • Although guided by the province, each school has jurisdiction over its admission policy as set by the school governing body (SGB). Living in a feeder catchment area is never a guarantee of admission, it’s rather a contributing criterion.
  • Legislation varies from province to province about feeder zones. In 2018, a default 5km radius for feeder zones applied in Gauteng. The updated 2019 policy gives preference to learners based in feeder zones, along with siblings, and pupils from primary schools that are closest to the high schools in the area.
  • In the Western Cape, there’s no explicit provincial feeder zone policy, but the research shows some SGBs do sway preference towards certain areas.
  • KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape also don’t have explicit provincial feeder zone policies, but many schools have SGB-determined catchment areas.
  • In the Free State, provincial policy gives preference to learners living near a certain school.
  • Competition for SA’s top public schools is high. Research for the guide revealed that some parents put their kids’ names down for school when they’re still in utero. Others camp outside desired schools all night and some change address, moving as close as possible to their coveted educational institute.

To compile this thorough report, we partnered with independent education researcher Kerry Petrie on the project. She made personal contact with the person responsible for admissions at each of the public schools listed to compile the guide. Petrie says that public education in South Africa is complex as a result of the country’s history, “It is heartening that many schools have expanded – or are planning to expand – their radius to make sure they accept learners from further afield, giving people from diverse, less affluent suburbs access to the country’s top schools.”

Some private schools were also included from a property location perspective.

Grab your free copy of the PropertyFox School Feeder Zones 2018 Guide here.

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