Investing in Property Close to Educational Zones

Jan 9, 2019 | All, Property Tips

You are in the market to purchase a new home and there seems to be a lot to consider before taking this plunge, for example the price, neighbourhood, square meters, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the erf and the home’s general condition.

One thing many people take for granted is the factors that involve buying a home close to a popular ‘education zone’ and why this should also be a consideration for future resale value of the property.

Why you should pay attention to the “educational zone”:

There are more than the “obvious” benefits
Although it seems more beneficial for families to live close to a school district, this will affect an individual whether they have a family including children below the age of 18 or even if you do not plan to have any children someday. The type and educational quality of nearby schools can have an impact on how much you pay, and how much you sell a home for later down the line.

For families and those just starting out
One of the most important decisions for parents are deciding which school they want to send their little ones to. Some even start doing some research long before they have given birth, so much so that some parents are on the waiting list even before they fall pregnant.

From our School Feeder Zone Guide, we saw that 44% of the schools featured in our research-ring gave preference to learners who lived close to the school. If you happen to be located in the feeder zone for your school of choice, you may have a bigger advantage of getting your children into that school.

Grab your free copy of the PropertyFox School Feeder Zones 2018 Guide here.

With your home located close to your children’s school, you are guaranteed a cost and time effective solution to your daily routine. You will have more time since driving between school, home and extra-curricular activities for the children will not be a factor anymore. You will spend less time stuck in traffic and this also allows you to save on those extra fuel costs, especially taking the recent petrol price hikes into consideration.

With your home located closer to your children’s school you are guaranteed a cost and time effective solution to your daily routine.

Good investment decision
As mentioned earlier, the ‘right’ school zones are not only popular amongst people with children, education zones have also become a popular consideration for many people who do not have kids. This gives these individuals the opportunity to buy property as a buy-to-let investment instead.

As investing in a school or varsity district means that the properties are easy to rent out due to the increasing demand in individuals wanting to live closer to a school zone. This demand will yield a higher rental income, and the rental periods are usually longer as the families will most likely wish for their child to complete their schooling career before relocating.

Purchasing a home closer to a school district could also help to protect you from the fluctuating real estate market. Even if the market is down, an excellent school located close to your home could be the rising tide that lifts all nearby home prices.

So whether you are thinking about starting a family, or looking for a great investment opportunity, there is an advantage to knowing your educational zones.

It is important to note, before anything, that purchasing a home is an investment and, usually for the long haul. Having your home situated close to some of the best educational institutions in the country can boost your property’s value, guaranteeing you great returns on your investment.

Speak to us today to help you either get a valuation on your current property or buy in the school zones!

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