Seamless Africa Conference Findings

Mar 7, 2018 | All, Industry

Our round-up of discussions from Seamless Conference.

On Monday 5th March our CEO, Crispin Inglis hosted a Roundtable at the Seamless Africa Conference which featured leading speakers of industry from eCommerce to Retail and Payments, held at the CTICC. His topic was “Barriers in Retail Innovation“.

Crispin had a great turnout at his table with attendees from a mix of industries and backgrounds including a large national retailer, a representative of trade and import, a next-level photo booth, a large health supplement brand, and a super popular deli-farmstall restaurant on a popular route out of Cape Town (that have in the last year innovated the experience of this popular stop, and by doing so have more than doubled their daily foot-traffic!)

We discussed and debated a few of the general pitfalls, and found that even though we were from different industries, there was a lot of commonality and similarities. The leading outcome from our discussion was that in order to be truly innovative, companies have to adapt to their consumers, take learnings from their data, build profiles of their audience and interact accordingly.

We feel like we’re headed in the right direction. 😉

Two days of jam-packed networking and intent listening to stories and noting recommendations from thought-leaders left our team inspired, and we’re looking forward to attending again 2019!

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