Show Time!

Mar 23, 2018 | All, Property Tips

PropertyFox tips on how to get your home ready for a viewing.

Lights, camera, action! Yes, the moment that everyone has been waiting for has arrived, the viewing! Your home’s potential buyer is coming to have a look-see at what could be theirs soon.
Remember that presentation is key and as the seller you will need to get your house in order, literally and figuratively.

At PropertyFox viewings are hosted by the sellers themselves, as we believe that “nobody knows your home like you do”.

We advise you to not make potential buyers imagine or assume how good life could be in your soon-to-be former home, but to show them! Make sure that you have decided on all the strengths of your property and be prepared to show them off! In turn we have put together some tips for when you are preparing to do the ‘big reveal’.

  1.  Another point of view
    We encourage you to take a step outside of your home and try to step into the potential buyer’s shoes to have a look at your house from their point of view and with a fresh pair of eyes. Does your home have that ‘kerb-side’ appeal? Is the grass cut? Is your front door a little grubby? Be reminded that it is always the little things that sometimes makes the biggest impact on a potential buyer’s final decision.
  2. Drive-by appeal for the surprise win
    Now please be aware that potential buyers sometimes like to drive by a certain place they fancy before deciding to officially view. Although PropetyFox never reveals your address until we’ve vetted potential buyers, and also scheduled a confirmed booking, some may still try and do a “drive-by” by themselves. Make sure to tidy up the outside of your home, trim those hedges, mow the lawn, consider giving the front door (and window frames) a fresh coat of paint, also remove any weeds from your gardens and pathways. Now ask yourself; does your property have that drive-by appeal yet?
  3. Minimise the amount of people in your house
    During a viewing, potential buyers already feel like they are intruding on your personal space and having extra people in the vicinity at the time of the viewing might not help the situation. Be sure to minimise the amount of people present during the viewing. Also offer an opportunity for the potential buyer to have a look around to explore themselves and offer to answer some questions if they have any.
  4. Space and order
    The potential buyers would want to see each and every room in the house. So now would be a good time to get the kids rooms (that might look like a warzone) in order. Take some time to make them look like a real bedroom again – box the toys and also clear away the shoes that are just lying around. Also tidy up lofts and cupboards as buyers would maybe want to have a peep in there too.
  5. No pets – ideally
    Finally, you love your pets and we probably would too, but your potential buyers may not. Remember to minimise their presence when you are showing your home. You could ask a friend to walk them, or neighbour to take care of them for the duration of the viewing so as not to distract (or even scare) a potential buyer from what really matters… your property!


Our property managers are on stand-by during your listing with us to help you with any queries or tips that could assist in selling your home.

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