Showing Your Home – Do’s and Don’ts

Feb 11, 2019 | All, Property Tips

PropertyFox tips for getting to grips with the essentials that will make your property viewing go a lot smoother.

At PropertyFox viewings are hosted by the sellers themselves. We believe that “no-one knows your property the way you do”.

The idea of this could be daunting for some, but doesn’t need to be. Here are our tried and tested tips for things that could assist during the viewing process, and things to avoid.


1. Guided or Unguided?

Ask the potential buyer if they would like a guided tour of the property, or prefer to walk through by themselves – or both!
Often it is easier to first walk potential buyers through the property and then ask if they would like a second round by themselves. Encourage them to take their time.

Usually, a potential buyer would want to be left to explore your home and only ask questions afterward, so make sure that there is freedom to do so. If the idea of walking strangers through your property is daunting – just think about how you would show your friends your property – highlighting what perhaps made you fall in love with it in the first place.

2. Highlight the strengths of your home.

Make sure that you highlight the benefits of what your home has to offer e.g. how close it is to public transport, the amenities around the corner, security features, recent upgrades and more.



3. Take your time when showing your home.

Rushing the process won’t help anyone. In fact, it might make the prospective buyer feel so uncomfortable that it creates a negative association with the property, whereas a positive experience may just provide enough positive associations for a buyer to make an offer. It could also feel as though you are in a rush to sell and too pushy – and may plant doubts as to whether there are other more sinister reasons for doing so.

Make sure to stick to the three C’s; cool, calm and collected.

4. Presentation is key.

As the seller, you will need to get your house in order, literally and figuratively. Do you remember those age old home selling techniques like ‘baking cookies’ or spraying the house with a little vanilla? Well there is definitely method in those ideas. Cookies fresh from the oven and something like Vanilla makes the property smell homely and provides positive associations. Tidying, picking up any clutter, folding clothing away into cupboards, and packing away any dishes will make the house look clean & clear. The psychology behind this method is that if there is a lot of clutter – the buyer may just be reminded that the house is going to be a lot of work! When it is clear of clutter, the house is perceived “easier to clean”. A beautiful bunch of colourful flowers prominently displayed goes a long way too.

Presentation is not only about surface looks: If you have unsightly cracks or broken cupboard doors/tiles etc a little DIY might just give you a few extra 0s on that offer.

5. Disclose minor maintenance issues.

Don’t be afraid to mention the little maintenance issues that might come with your property. Finding out about it later could upset the potential buyer and have you lowering the cost of your property, or worse, a buyer reneging on the sale entirely.




1. Don’t mention how long it’s been on the market.
Although this info is often listed and available on the property’s information sheet, bringing it up -especially if the property has been listed for an extended period, may be cause for concern to the potential buyers – psychologically making them wonder why no-one has put an offer in yet.Potential buyers may also get the wrong impression.


2. Don’t mention the urgency.

Talking about how quickly you want to close the sale could make the potential buyer nervous about putting down an offer to purchase. They may also think that if they hold out a little longer you will drop your price significantly. Stay calm and turn on the charm.



3. Don’t get too personal or familiar.

Try to make the experience about the property and neighbourhood as much as possible. This is not an opportunity for you to make new friends. Do not volunteer any personal information to the potential buyer, rather answer when they have questions – and keep it about the property.



4. Don’t use absolutes.

Remember the saying ‘never say never’? Same applies to when you are showing your property. Sentences like “we have never experienced this”, “we’ve never had a problem with…” or “that never happened”, could have potential buyers running back to you when problems do occur down the line.



5. Don’t show your stubborn side.

Keep the price negotiations for once you receive an offer to purchase. Don’t mention how you will not settle for a price less than your asking price during the the viewing. If the potential buyer asks what your minimum, or best settling price is – rather say: “put it in black and white and we can discuss from there”. Our valuations are more accurate than any other real estate agent, and our properties typically receive within 4% of asking price. With our ever fluctuating economy, it is important to be realistic and open to offers within a reasonable range.


At PropertyFox, we relieve the seller of the daunting task of selling a property. From sign-up to sale, the job of selling your property is shared between our specialist team of photographers, marketers, property valuers, sales negotiators and transaction managers. We’re with you every step of the way, and the only time you will need to step in, is the property viewing – and at a time that suits you! Even the negotiations are taken care of by us – and we have top hagglers to make sure you get the best price!

Get in touch with our specialist property managers to guide you through the property listing process. At only 1.5% commission on successful sale (or min fee of R35,000) plus the fact that our valuations are rated most accurate in the country, it would be silly to consider anything else.

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