South Africans Aren’t Shy To Pay For A Braai

Sep 19, 2017 | All, Lifestyle

Why you should consider building a braai if you haven’t already got one.

While we don’t really need any more evidence that we are a country of braaiers – we have a day dedicated to it – a recent poll has shown that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. The Braai Day (24 September) poll showed that 64% of participants would be prepared to spend up to R20 000 more on a home if it came with a braai area.

Our poll showed that investing in a braai area in our sunny land is almost certain to add value to the property.

Crispin Inglis, co-founder of PropertyFox says properties with built-in braais in the entertainment areas often sell well. “I must admit, we were a bit surprised by the amount South Africans would be prepared to pay to have their dream braai area. It’s heartening to see how much people value having a space to gather with friends and family. Braais are a way of bringing people together, so even when a house isn’t very large, people still allocate a spot for socialising over sizzling steaks.”

The poll also asked participants whether they have a ‘no braai no buy’ policy when seeking a new home. The results were close, but 52% of participants voted no, showing that not having a braai area isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker.

“This information is obviously very interesting and points to the fact that properties with built-in braai areas may just have the edge over comparative listings with no braai areas. People looking to renovate their homes should potentially take note of this trend for attractive sales down-the-line.”

Inglis says that built-in braais are often standard features in entertainment areas that frequently include a Jacuzzi, dining region, lounge seating and bar. He’s also noticed that many homes now boast two braais – one traditional wood/ charcoal and one gas – which ties into recent findings from E-commerce giant,

By analysing 2017 sales data, found that 69% of South Africans favour traditional braais, with PE having the highest purchase rate at 63.16%. While Johannesburg’s Randburg, Roodepoort and Kempton Park were the only neighbourhoods where gas beat out traditional braais, most areas were fairly evenly matched, hinting that an ideal set-up includes both cooking mediums.

Inglis said that some of the latest PropertyFox listings reflect this trend by having two or three built-in braais. In terms of look and feel, contemporary braai set-ups seem to lean more toward an open-plan aesthetic, often expanding into a patio or garden. Jacuzzis and swimming pools remain popular features – especially in areas outside of the Western Cape where the drought is less prevalent – along with built-in bars.

However, Inglis also notes that South Africans passion for braais is not hindered by space. Another Takealot finding showed the rise of small, portable braais as ideal additions to smaller apartments and homes. When the urge for boerie becomes irresistible, people make a plan.

Some of our favourite braai-friendly homes currently for Sale:

  1. Four Bedroom House in Alphen Park: Braai beneath the skylight and admire the stars in an exceptional entertainment centre that includes an indoor pool, Jacuzzi and dining area.
  2. Six Bedroom House in Fairway Heights: When two braais aren’t enough, consider a home with three! Braai and slaai in three different parts of the home, including a shaded entertainment area and family room with a Jacuzzi.
  3. Four Bedroom House in Bergvliet: Why choose between coal and gas when you don’t have to? Epitomising the Takealot trend, this home has two indoor braais (gas and fire), a built-in bar and fireplace.
  4. Five Bedroom House in Panorama: Bar, braai, Jacuzzi and solar-heated swimming pool: this home’s the whole package.
  5. Five Bedroom House in Wild Fig Country Estate: Entertain on an expansive balcony, complete with a comfortable outdoor lounge and dining area and – you guessed it – built-in braai.

Take a look at more properties to buy in your area, or if you’re looking to sell, list with us today!

64% of participants would be prepared to spend up to R20 000 more

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