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May 23, 2018 | All, Industry

As South Africa’s first strictly online property realtor, PropertyFox has broken boundaries when it comes to people’s perceptions of the costs involved in buying and selling property. Together with our esteemed team, we have evolved the traditional estate agency business model with our customer-centric offering.

As a forward-thinking enterprise set on changing the way South Africans buy and sell property, our proprietary software and systems help coordinate the tasks of marketing and selling a property as quickly as possible, while still being focussed on providing a personal, one-to-one experience you’ve come to expect from a real estate agent.

What makes us different?
One of our biggest differences is the cost of sale. Traditional real estate agencies have high overhead costs due to, for example, having localised offices with teams in each, and thus charge commissions upwards of 5%. PropertyFox has one head office which services South Africans nationally, and with the lower overheads can therefore afford to charge only 1.5% (or min fee of R35,000) whilst providing the same, if not better, services.

Many people are under a false impression that we are only a property directory, like Property24 and Private Property. Although we make use of these portals to market our properties, we are a full-service real estate agency.

Here are a few, and by no means conclusive, list of the ways we are different to other real estate agents:

  • We are 100% digital. Although there are other low-commission agencies, we are the only purely digital agency servicing clients nationally.
  • We guarantee sellers have a better chance at speedier sale of their property with our approach to market analysis and property valuation. 97% of our sales occur within our recommended asking price. Due to traditional agents asking high commissions, sellers often have to list at a higher price than the value of their home to ensure their proceeds from the sale are what they anticipated. Due to our lower commissions, we can list at market value, and sellers can receive higher than their expected proceeds after sale, plus we find the property sells much quicker.
  • You’ll be well informed working with us. A distinctive characteristic of our business model is that all the information is actively shared with the seller.
  • We employ specialists in specific fields to ensure each area of the sale receives sufficient attention to detail. Valuations, photography, marketing, negotiators and legal council work together to ensure a seamless sale.
  • We check who we’re letting view your property. We handle all the logistics, scheduling and security vetting of any potential viewers.
  • We do all the work. The only thing our sellers have to do is open the door and showcase their own home. We find that sellers know their homes and neighbourhoods best. We do the negotiations after.
  • We do it all, just more comprehensively, and for a better price. Traditional agents often charge commissions of between 5-7% (ex VAT) for the process, while at PropertyFox you are only charged 1.5% (or min R35,000) ex VAT on successful sale.

What’s more?
We’re available 7 days per week, and we’re here to help. Our team is comprised of people, just like you, that think there is a better, more efficient way to do things. With us you’re not just a number.

The PropertyFox Promise: to provide our clients with the best customer service.
Which is probably why we’re rated consistently high for great customer service.

Give us a call or pop us an email, we’d be happy to welcome you on board!

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