‘Voetstoots’ Officially Added To The Oxford Dictionary

Jan 11, 2019 | All, News

The Oxford English Dictionary has recently added a few popular South African words at the end of 2018.

Many of the dictionary’s new South African additions have been borrowed into English from some of the most widely spoken languages in the country; one of these words being the popular property term, voetstoots.

Wait… voetstoots wasn’t a real word?

In a post detailing the changes, the dictionary said that Afrikaans is a particularly rich source for loanwords – lending two of the oldest words in this batch of additions.

The adverb ‘voetstoots’ was first used in English in 1883 as a legal term describing the buying or selling of items in their existing condition, but nearly a hundred years later, it also began to be used more generally to describe actions carried out unconditionally, without reservation or qualification.

The adverb ‘voetstoots’ was first used in English in 1883 as a legal term describing the buying or selling of items in their existing condition.

The clause is also viewed as a way for sellers to protect themselves. While this was helpful in the past, the advent of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) means there are important things you need to know.

More words added

Other words in the update have their roots in two other official languages of South Africa – Xhosa and Zulu.

With South Africa’s diversity, in both people and languages, it comes as no surprise to make more words official in our communication. With this said, here is a look at more of the words added along with ‘Voetstoots’:

  • Dwaal – A dazed, or absent-minded state.
  • Deurmekaar – It could mean a mess or confused
  • Kasi – Township
  • Mzansi – South Africa
  • Shackland – A hastily erected urban shack settlement, not officially proclaimed as a residential area.
  • Skedonk – A battered old vehicle, usually a car.
  • Spaza – An “unofficial” store, usually in a township or rural area.
  • Tickey Box – A pay phone.
  • Ubuntu – A quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.
  • Wine of Origin – A wine officially certified as originating from a recognized region or estate and as being of a specific cultivar or vintage.

It is evident that, through the addition of these words into the Oxford dictionary, the world is indeed adjusting to changes.

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