What Can Go Wrong When Selling Privately

Oct 31, 2018 | All, Industry

You are currently looking to put your home on the market; but instead of going with a reputable estate agent you want to sell your home privately.

You might be thinking that it’s a great way to go as you could avoid paying commission fees.

You might make a profit, and probably have good negotiating skills, but selling privately isn’t always the best option.

Before choosing to sell privately, consider this.

Pricing is very important when it comes to selling your home. You might overvalue and have your property on the market for a long time. Or worse, you might undervalue your house and lose money. A professional estate agent has access to information about the going rate for properties in your area and can help you set a competitive price.

Agents can also help with advising on things to improve before selling. Even if you think your home is in tip-top shape, a good realtor will give an honest second opinion about your home.

You are going to have to market your home all by yourself. One of the risks of selling your home privately is that it takes a lot of work to market your property. From photos, to listings and everything in between. Good agents can help ease this burden.

Selling your home privately can also be tremendously time-consuming. Beyond the marketing, you also need to organise viewings. Sometimes people are late or don’t show up. You’ll have to deal with all of these little irritations while juggling every-day life. All could go well, but you could risk dropping the organisational ball. An estate agent handles all the admin, while you can sit back and wait on an offer.

You might make a profit, and probably have good negotiating skills, but selling privately isn’t always the best option.

Selling with PropertyFox

As South Africans we have only ever had two options when it comes to selling a house: sell through an agent or sell it yourself. The former can be expensive, but at PropertyFox, we have managed to keep our low commission fee of 1.5% consistent, this has saved our customers up to 80% in fees.

We can provide our low commission fee structure, for the most part, because we have modernised the logistics around the industry. By being a strictly digital agency, we can afford to pass-on major savings to our sellers.

Viewings are hosted by the sellers themselves, which we consider as the ultimate personal touch, as “nobody knows your home like you do”. Sellers show their homes at a time and on a day that is most convenient to them.

A distinctive feature of our business model is that all the information is actively shared with the seller. We handle all the logistics, scheduling and security vetting. We also make sure that we provide both our buyers and sellers with a professional, efficient, transparent, safe and cost-effective end-to-end real estate solution.

Sellers can maximise their gross selling price by using an estate agent. At PropertyFox you are also guaranteed an effective marketing plan and the use of the best data science for property valuations to help sell your home at a quicker pace for a fast sale!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling with a free evaluation.

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